About Us

Mamachanga is a story. A story of a couple in love with life.
It was born as a dream after several trips around the world, the passion for getting closer to other cultures, and the personal and spiritual enrichment that remains from all this. It was also born from the love of surfing and the sea that we have always carried with us, and the result are garments with a surfer, urban and bohemian touch as we ourselves are.
We design each of our models on Batik fabrics completely handprinted. We travel to the original place where the Batik is handcrafted produced, being part of all the process, and living with the local people, always learning a little bit more about this wonderful art and about it´s tradition. We work hand in hand with a small workshop of which we are already part of the family that trains and employs the families in the area.
Mamachanga is a mood, it means to be one self, always, and unique.
We like to do things with commitment and care.
We like art, we like fashion, and we have combined them both.
Feel Mamachanga